Eva Drabika

Eva is the sole creator and driving force behind Remember Your Soul! Just to make her Journey more adventures, her Soul chose a small town called Talsi, located in Latvia to be her birth place. A town that stands on nine hills, has a magic of it’s own and is a beautiful place that is held very dear to her heart no matter where she goes. As far as her memory lets her return to, from her very early days she remembers grey buildings and oppressed people under occupancy of another country. She remembers to this day her early hopes for a better World. A world full of colors, beauty and peace and people filled with Light! Her vision lives on through her Art to remind herself and others that we are the change we want to see. Early on she knew that this planet was too big not to be seen, so she promised herself that she would explore.

Many detours and many years later Eva has been fulfilling her dream of seeing the world as much as life allows it and expressing her discoveries through art. Aside from studying interior design for 2 years in the Baltic International Academy and graduating from Cinema Make-up School years later, Eva is a self taught artist and continually searches for new techniques to express her artistic visions. As of now her favourite technique is Ebru– water marbeling. Acrylic paints, resin and canvas paper are her focal materials. Bright colors, sacred geometry, crystals, natural stones and inner workings of human nature is a central theme in most of her Art.


Eva brings her rare light filled energy, composed of compassion and empathy to any and every situation. Eva is very passionate about animals, and has an exuberantly artistic soul! Always looking to learn something new she keeps her energy flowing and heart open for a special message from Within.

Currently Eva enjoys living on the road, traveling the United States with her family!


…and the adventure continues on…