Remember Your Soul!


Circle Shadow

I would like to give you a warm WELCOME to the World of my Art from my Soul to Yours. I am smiling in the gratitude of your presence and I know that you are visiting here for a very special reason indeed…

Remember Your Soul project is an ever morphing universe of never ending wonder, awe and appreciation for the spiritual nature of human experience. It is a devotion and a reminder of the beautiful Soul within each of us and within the planet Earth. It is a hope for a better world for all. It is a reminder of sacredness to All. It is a memory of who we really are….just open your heart and listen to the sounds of your beautiful Soul. It has been waiting to be heard…to be remembered! Please take a look around and don’t loose the wonder of this amazing experience we call Life.

Have a wonderfully peaceful day! Thank you very much for stopping by!



 The Artist