Silent Chimes

Circle Shadow


Silent Wind Chime is one-of-a-kind decorative INDOORS art that serves as a daily reminder of who you really are! It is inspired by everything that eyes can’t always see, mind can’t always understand but heart always knows. It is a magical blend of playful colors, natural stones and a special message in the bottle that will touch any Soul.


Double sided Silent chime is cut out from canvas paper in the shape of a person, sitting in meditation pose. It simply represents any person in every walk of life who is taking time out of their daily life to reflect in the knowing, that we ourselves hold the key to Life. Mostly I use the paper marbling technique called Ebru.The nature of this technique makes each and every piece very unique. From time to time I also like to use mixed media to achieve the unique nature of each piece or both techniques combined. To preserve the bright and lively color story, I protect each surface with UV spray and then glaze each side several times with resin. The crystal clear and glossy finish not only serves as an excellent protective surface of the artwork but most importantly illuminates every color. It just gives that sparkle of light! To keep the energy flowing each chime is decorated with a string of beautiful beads, swarovski crystal beads and a tiny glass bottle that holds natural stones, a miniature key and a message that says “Remember Your Soul”. The stretchy cord on top makes it easy to hang anywhere- lamp, ceiling, wall, rear view mirror, window or anywhere else (indoors) you might like. A little bit of sun now and then is recommended to let the light interact with stones, beads and resin for a playful dance of reflections.



Silent Chimes are double sided and each side has different design, never the same. I cover each and every piece with uv spray and then with thick layer of resin, which gives a nice glossy glass finish. They are made from Canvas Paper and decorated with one of the following techniques –  Ebru water marbling ( my favorite), mixed media using recycled magazines and paper,  acrylic painting or several of these techniques combined.